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wear it how you want it


Scoodie manufactures men’s, women’s and children’s creative goods. We are people centered creators with a focus on possibilities and prize new ideas, people, and positive lifestyles. “We aspire to inspire”.


“The Original Detachable Hooded Scarf” was inspired by the attitudes and perspectives of Southern California’s street subcultures. We have people from all different walks of life ranging from hipsters to skaters, and to those apart of the hip-hop movement. The way in which we present ourselves has the power to convey a great deal about our personality, outlook, and self image. So with this in mind, we wanted to create a product that would not only fit everyone’s style and attitude, but something that was original. The end result was the patent-pending detachable hooded scarf aka SCOODIE ORIGINAL.

The Scoodie hooded scarf allows complete customization and provides the flexibility for a proper fit allowing you to “wear it how you want it”.

Abridged version — The ORIGINAL is two essential accessories (Scarf and hood) combined into one ultra-accessory that is versatile and fashionable all year.